Monday, November 7, 2016


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Use this template... print and laminate at staples or kinkos.

Why dont you love kittens? - Robert Paulson 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Warning Nationwide ISP Vulnerability

Read this carefully.
The IP Address is legally invalid.

A. As it means you cannot reliably Prosecute cyber-crimes based on IP Address alone until the problem is fixed.

B. Cases in which the IP address was used in Prosecution must be reopened by law. 

C. This also makes tracking people reliably next to impossible.

D. Anyone can be framed.

1.Where are they (or the Empty House?)

Modems are registered to a specific household.
These modems don't have to be in that household, and can be connected anywhere on the network. As in any place with a coaxial cable connected to the open ISP network.

2.Anyone can be framed.

Modems identify themselves via Mac address to the ISP, This Mac address is printed on the side of the modem. The Modem is then given an IP address based on that Mac Address.
The issue is The Mac Address can be cloned in a new modem and that can be anywhere on the open network. The new modem appears to be the registered user at the registered address. The ISP sees 2 IPs assigned but cannot tell if it is the same modem, as the Mac address is the same.

There are two modems currently on the market that can configure the Mac address at will.

Solutions Now.

Quick Solution: Put up a captive portals at the ISP level. The user must enter a password and username every-time the modem is plugged in somewhere. Usename and Password must be kept secret. (Some ISP already use captive portals, but not in this configuration). This should take a day to implement nation wide. I could do this alone in a day.

Secure long term solution: Include a hardware based Random Alpha Numeric Integer Authentication Token of extreme length. Transmit the Token via SSL To the ISP. Include this with the captive portal and the problem is solved long term.

It turns out until then the concept of the IP address has always been and will always be invalid.

Post Script: I didn't make the hole I just found it & I've given two solutions. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Cardboard Key

Take a smartphone, and a coin and a key.
Take a picture of the key next to the coin, With the smartphone.
Enlarge the picture to the size of a real coin and Print the Photo.
Cut out the key from the Photo.

Place the key up to a piece of thin cardboard and outline it with a pen.
Cut out the outline and insert into the lock along with a small screwdriver and turn to open lock.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

3D printed Portable life support system for around $2000 (Work in progress)


updated often!!

Heart, Lung, Liver and Kidneys thus far. The size of a Beer Cooler. Will keep the Patient alive for 10 hours on UPS battery supply in transit or indefinitely on mains power. #First Response  #EMT, #Field Medic, #Hospice. #3rd world.

3d printed Carbon fiber pipe and piston + rubber gasket 
gray, red and blue)  (valves, inside green inside red and inside blue) $560
3D printed Valve that separates liquid from air (Bright Green).

3D printed Pressure Valve (liquid, one-way,up)(Red).

3D printed Pressure Valve (liquid, one-way down)(Blue).

3D printed Pressure Valve  (air, two way). (Brown).

BNC Gasmask filters  x4 (Dark purple) $200
Air tubing (Light Blue)

Rigid chain actuator x8 (Mustard yellow) $300

Clot catchers & oxygenation medium, Sterile Surgical sponge material (Light purple) $140

Raspberry pi $35

Arduino Uno R3 (Atmega328 - assembled) PRODUCT ID: 50 $24.95 x2

Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino v2 Kit - v2.3 PRODUCT ID: 1438 $19.95 x2 $40

13v dc x 8
SUPERNIGHT Waterproof DC 12V Step UP to DC 24V 72W 3A Thin Converter Regulator voltage protector $19.99 x8 $160


(To Rigid chain actuators)

8 two way air pressure valves (Titanium  carbide)(Brown) $80
4 with nobs to switch from just lung to heart and lung.

Super cap bank (Lite green) $100

Breta filter (black) 8 x 20 $160

Can be used as a carbon dioxide scrubber it also removes toxins.


Cleaning cycle with bleach.

Design of all 4 Valves included. Blue (liquid, one-way down) 
Green (separates air from blood one-way up) Red (liquid, one-way up) Brown (two way pressure valve).

I retain all rights to intellectual property. But anyone may build this for free.