Friday, June 19, 2015

FarSight XR-20 prototype

we will be using the 22mm modded with a heaver load
system mounted on a
pneumatic displacement shock absorption rig. 


Passive Shadow catching in a urban environment utilizing opportune RF signal input.

You can do this with a smartphone ad a special dongle.
if the target has a cell phone that is on. then no further work is needed.
one can use RF spectrum analyzer software to determine signal strength and location of known outputs such as wifi access points & 3g/4g cell towers and treat such as a segmented radar output array.  You can then take a baseline of  the strength reading of various inputs to determine Geo location of objects within the field from a (moving) single point. this is a passive system..


Target must be located in between known RF sources and receiver(s) to pick up targets within the volume (not a problem for walls and furniture)

The telemetric reading accuracy of such a method can be increased by adding multiple receivers  sharing known telemetries and signal strengths continuously and correlating the RF data from multiple points in real time. Giving you a larger more accurate picture of the inside of the unknown volume. Utilizing  g3/g4 network to communicate this looks like a standard set of phone calls from any observation point.

3d mapping according to RF resistance 

It should now then also be possible to map the inside of a unknown volume and its contents by sweeping the outside perimeter with a smart phones with specialized dongles from multiple sides.

This will give you a snapshot of the inside during the sweep.

Passive 3d mapping according

Opportune RF signal


The reflection of a known opportune RF signals (wifi access points & 3g/4g cell towers again treated as a segmented radar output array.) can be picked up in any relative point an RF shadow cannot. This data can then be compiled with all additional data to form an active 3d video feed that can pick u moving soft targets i real time.  this is also a passive system..