Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dragonfly - Self Sustained Flight Surveillance Drone (work in progrees)

Subsonic / High altitude / Fixed Wing

500lb Surveillance payload
+ 2 AGM-114 Hellfire at 100 lbs.

Self sustained flight system uses 4.5 Kw flexible Triple Junction solar cells and Hyred Graphene  Manganese Dioxide Supercapacitors located on and in the 25x6' wing frame.

6x25 sqf = 150 at 12% = 1.5 kw
6x25 sqf = 150 at 35% = 4.35 kw
35% Efficacy
4 Kw can power a house

4 electric motor propellers double as dynamo (Alternator) wind turbines, as the air craft is in 'free glide' half of the time while in holding, this conserves energy and helps in charging the supercapacitors .

Siemens new prototype electric motor
110 lb kg,
348 hp,
2,500 RPM.
2 ton lift

Alternator Mod?

"Stark plating" airframe, Titanium  joints

4 electric propeller/alternator

1 '64' core Central computer

1 '100 Km' range uhf modem 

wingspan =
solar collection surface area,
capacitor bank size,
surface area in relation to lift.

Forward thrust to => lift motion + Time


Overall Weight.

(relative to)

Combined motor Thrust (at lift.)

(relative to)

Capacitor bank charge life at the given load / and charge input
in relation to Solar panel output.

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