Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stark Plating - Manufacturing Process (work in progress)

Use Armchair Carbon Nano Tube Fiber &  Carbon Nano Tube Epoxy instead. layered too 2", in as many layers as needed. Rotate the fabric as new layers are added to it. Incredibly light Level IV.

Carbon Nano Tube Epoxy.

Can be molded to the shape of a standard SAPI;


Can be molded into any shape of any thickness.


Aspen 14-12-1101 (1.4cc per revolution 12V DC)

mini refrigerator condenser / wire condenser

Cap Tube.036 I.D. X .087 O.D. X 12 Ft

Copper Coil, For A/C And Refrigeration 


HMC-10 Hybrid Microprocessor Controller

Smart Panel Refrigeration Module


 link dump; 

Excellent microwave absorption property of Graphene-coated Fe nanocomposites

Researchers Make Magnetic Graphene

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